About me

"My passion and energy for art is fairly recent. I had always enjoyed and been influenced by creative surroundings, but it wasn't until around 2012 that I realised my full potential as an artist, and from that point onward my work evolved."
"I am a self taught artist, having attending many local workshops and classes over the last few years, which helped push my boundaries in terms of techniques and types of colour."
"I am UK based, working out of my studio in Essex.
I initially embraced the world of art through airbrushing and it was at this point in my career that I was able to enhance my techniques through starting to use new tools, in the form of colouring pencils.
From then, I have developed a solid passion and understanding of working with pastels. I have found that my work flourishes when using this technique."
"Each of my portraits are based on a true likeness of your loved ones, incorporating a sense of their personality and spirit. I love to give my clients more than what a photo can provide by adding my own style to each commission - making my work truly personalised and treasured, fulfilling my client's 'one-of-a-kind' wish to come to life."